Airport penguin

From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, working her way back home from meetings in Atlanta, a photograph of an art installation in the airport there:


This is a rear view, and you have to look for the beak. A front view, from the airport’s website:


On the artwork, from the website:

“Penguin” by Leo Sewell; Patiently waiting, suitcase in hand, on the lower level curb of Terminal South is an unlikely traveler. Sewell’s oversized “Penguin” is composed of found aluminum objects meticulously welded and bolted into place. Installed in 1999, he has been stoically standing alongside his human companions at Hartsfield-Jackson looking for a ride home, too.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From George Reilly on Facebook:

    There’s a very similar statue in the Pacific Place mall in downtown Seattle, also made by Leo Sewell.

    Link here.
    From the story:

    You’ve seen this penguin, haven’t you? Did you know you could buy it? It sells for “about $45,000,” said Twist‘s assistant manager Eileen Neff.
    Like other pieces at the Pacific Place jewelry store, the penguin is a creation of Philadelphia-based sculptor Leo Sewell, who has a way of transforming scraps of metal and discarded junk into artfully welded elephants, cats, bulldogs, eagles and human torsos. I’m surprised a wealthy art collector or corporation hasn’t purchased this striking piece yet — it has been here since the store opened in 1999.‬

  2. Sara W Yurman Says:

    My husband got back from picking up a friend at the airport and declares the penguin gone, or at least missing in action. Shed a tear for a beloved landmark.

  3. Nas Says:

    Its currently been removed due to construction, I wonder if they will put it back. Me my wife and daughter travels alot and this was my past time ritual that I would take a picture with my daughter every time we travel, since she was 8 months old she is almost 3, and I’m missing these opportunities. Does any one have any idea when it I will come back….maybe we need to start a petition

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