The stray bar

A cartoon by Dan Reynolds:


A cute pun on gay bar, plugged into the “I didn’t realize this was a gay bar” meme.

(The cartoon came to me from Sim Aberson, who got it from a Facebook source, where it was unattributed, and in fact had had the artist’s signature cropped off. With some work, I tracked it back to its source.)

On the artist, from Wikipedia:

Dan Reynolds (born 1960) began drawing cartoons in December 1989 at the age of twenty-nine. His work is seen nationally on greeting cards with American Greetings brand Recycled Paper Greetings and Papyrus Greetings, as well as in Reader’s Digest.

Reynolds is best known for his cartoon series, Reynolds Unwrapped.

His work tends to be sweet rather than pointed, and he’s fond of puns. Two more examples:



Addendum: See my “X bar” posting of 10/18/14, with a Bizarro cartoon with the caption:

If you insist on playing the I-didn’t-know-it-was-a-hippo-bar game, that’s fine with me.

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