A mystery cookie Zwicky

Google Alerts brought me yesterday to someone going by the name Zwicky, who joined the Cookie Connection community on 1/1/18. Brief information on the Cookie Connection site:

birthday: 9/9; location: Anchorage AK; primary occupation: waiter; bio: I have been baking for over forty years and consider myself skilled. I am trying to branch out to decorating cookies for fun and entertainment, although I  am not very artistic. I also love to share my baked goods with all.

And that’s all I’ve been able to find out.

On the community, which has 12,018 members, who refer to themselves as cookiers:

About: First and foremost, Cookie Connection is a friendly community designed to showcase the best in all of us. Cookiers of all skill levels are welcome – no minimum experience or participation is required, though you must be 13 years of age or older. Please show up as often as you’d like to spread the love of cookie decorating. Non-cookiers are also invited to join and browse the wealth of cookier-talent eager to fulfill orders for holidays and special events!

Whereas some groups welcome posts of a personal nature, this site is intended to be strictly about the art of cookie decorating and related topics, such as sweets decorating and baking.

Plenty of New Year cookies, some of astounding artistry. Two examples:

(#1) Spherical cookies for 2018: Firework Spheres by Swissophie (Sonja Galmad)

(#2) Japanese-style New Year cookies by a cookier using the name Sally Bonbon; the little flowers are calla lilies

2 Responses to “A mystery cookie Zwicky”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Over on Facebook, Joe Transue suggests that a Zwicky cookie would be a zwookie. These would need to be distinguished from zwookiees, who are bigger, hairier Zwickyoid beings from a distant planet. From Wikipedia:

    Wookiees are a fictional species of intelligent bipeds from the planet Kashyyyk in the Star Wars universe. They are taller, stronger, and hairier than humans and most (if not all) other humanoid species. The most notable Wookiee is Chewbacca, the copilot of Han Solo, who first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

  2. Joe Transue Says:

    I suppose we have to keep sorted our Zwookiees, zwookies, Zwickys, cookiers, and our cookies with higher than average hair content. Never mind what we would have if a Wookiee named Zwicky baked a cookie from book he had borrowed from a cookier named Xavier.

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