Mashup: Mary Worth’s howl

Considering mashups of different artistic genres, Josh Millard offers Mary Worth’s Howl:

Mary Worth’s Howl, by Al “Screwball” Ginsberg [8/15/13]

So, Lauren LoPrete‘s Peanuts + Smiths Lyrics mashup blog, This Charming Life, has been making the rounds; it ended up on Metafilter yesterday, which led to much riffing on other possible comic/band juxtapositions, and I saw someone mention Mary Worth and joked that it should in fact be: Mary Worth and excerpts from Howl.

In seven panels:








On Mary Worth, from Wikipedia:

Mary Worth is a newspaper comic strip, which has had a seven-decade run since it began in 1938 under the title Mary Worth’s Family. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, this pioneering soap opera-style strip had an influence on several realistically drawn continuity strips that followed.

… As scripted by Saunders, each story (and its cast) was independent, with little continuity to the next, and Mary generally made only brief appearances to react and give her matronly advice. A former teacher and widow of Wall Street tycoon (Jack Worth), Mary formerly lived in New York and later moved to the Charterstone Condominium Complex in fictional Santa Royale, California. Mary serves as an observer of and adviser to her fellow residents, tackling issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity and teen pregnancy. Only in recent decades (after Saunders retired) has the strip centered more on the title character, along with a regular cast of her closest friends, most of whom were introduced to the strip after 1980

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    When I was 7 years old in 1946, I understood that some comic strips were for grown-ups and weren’t worth my trouble to read. I learned to identify them because they were blacker than the funny strips. At 74 I still skip Mary Worth because that strip’s for grown-ups.

    Interesting to see Sally Forth, one of the best-drawn strips currently in the paper, slowly morphing into a soap-opera strip I’m not old enough to read. The strip is losing that elusive quality that made you think that if there was just one more panel you’d see Ted and Sally getting it on.

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