Little Ulul

Zippy has his favorite words, and ululate is one of them:

But how does Zippy pronounce the word? There are two possibilities: as if the word was spelled “ullulate” or as if it was spelled “yululate” (both with initial stress). I favor the second, as being more imitative of ululation, but who knows which way Zippy leans.

3 Responses to “Little Ulul”

  1. Stephen C. Carlson Says:

    The phrase “an ululatory state” in the third panel suggests that Zippy leans toward the former pronunciation.

  2. mollymooly Says:

    Similarly “Uruguay”, but without the onomatopoeia.

  3. David W. Fenton Says:

    Back in my early days hanging out with buddies in gay bars we used to look with jaundiced eyes at some of the denizens of such venues and refer to them as “ululating royalty.”

    David W. Fenton

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