Pride faces

(This posting is light-hearted, to entertain in terrible times, but there’s no denying that it’s substantially about men’s bodies and mansex in very plain language, plus images that are right up against the line, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.)

We’re into Pride Month, so everybody who sells things for lgbtq people has stuff on sale. Especially the gay porn studios, flogging videos. That presents an occasion for reflecting on (among other things) how gay personas are projected in this material, how emotional and sexual relationships between men are presented, and how gay men communicate via facial expressions during mansex and in cruising for it.

Exhibit 1: this Pride Month ad for Next Door Studios, a nicely posed composition featuring Justin Matthews (proprietary top) and Nic Sahara (enthusiastically receptive bottom), flashing two different sorts of buddy smiles (using both their mouths and their eyes):

(#1) Closed-mouth half smile, open-mouthed wide smile, both gazes directed at the viewer, rather than one another (p.r. shot for the studio’s Auditions – Part 2)

A still shot, clearly meant to depict foreplay to fucking, but quite charming: the actors are projecting comfortable happiness in one another’s company and friendly engagement with their audience, and that’s such a pleasing scene that you could easily background the knowledge that Matthews’s cock is moments away from being plunged into Sahara’s asshole, to their mutual satisfaction (a near-future underlined by the cheap double entendre in “COMING SOON”).

(I note, as I have on other occasions, that I am a fool for images of really hot guys who are smiling. Especially if I can imagine that they’re about to kiss.)

Background. From my 3/8/20 posting “Where is the fishmonger?”, about:

Next Door Studios (specializing in regular-guy boy-next-door types — twinks and swimmer-body young men — enthusiastically engaged sexually with each other, covering a range of acts from vanilla mansex on out to moderately kinky stuff) …

[eventually, in a section on facial expressions in mansex and in cruising for it]: Alex and Dakota, [in a Next Door Studios ad] … [are] doing some kind of buddy cruise, together inviting the viewer to engage (imaginatively) with them sexually — as a voyeur of their couple sex; in a three-way; or in a pairing with one of them (while the other one engages with a fourth man).

So it is with #1: Matthews and Sahara are inviting us in (yes, to get us to buy the video, but it is, after all, an ad).

On the pornstars: Matthews and Sahara fit the gymnast/swimmer body type that Next Door Studios traffics in. Both are sexually versatile, with pornstar dicks (Matthews cut, Sahara uncut). Sahara’s porn name presents an interesting interpretational puzzle, since it carries echoes of the Arabian Nights, suggesting (or inventing, I don’t know) some Arab ancestry.

Sahara is new to me, and I find the persona he projects very attractive. In a p.r. shot, with his characteristic smile (he smiles a lot):

(#2) With an angled smile. Ok, he’s also deep into tattoos, but then nobody’s perfect

Then a conventional p.r. shot. Most often in these, the subject’s expression is neutral, inscrutable (so that the viewer can read into it whatever he will), but not infrequently it’s challenging, or aggressively dominating (reproducing the Cruise of Death). But then the central feature of these shots is usually the display of the actor’s hard dick.

Here, Sahara is (uncharacteristically) inscrutable, verging on challending, while performing a butt tease, with his jeans pulled down and his shirt lifted (see the Page on this blog on shirt lifting):

(#3) Delicately balanced between presenting Sahara as receptive or insertive — which seems to be his natural state as a pornstar (we have no idea what the actual man’s desires are like) — all praise to the photographer for arranging this pose

Then to Matthews, who appeared on this blog a while ago in an exploration of, yes, facial expressions in gay porn. In my 11/24/18 AZBlogX posting “November facework”, we saw Justin Matthews paired with Arad Winwin — in two different settings, differently presented. One is framed as a Conversation between buddies (while, as it happens, Matthews is sitting empronged on Winwin’s dick); the other as a more conventional fucking, with Winwin as Craftsman and Matthews as Ecstatic. And then with shots of Matthews displaying his sexual body at three different points in his career.

The Conversation encounter, cropped for modesty and focused on the men’s facial expressions:

(#4) “I hear you like opera; that’s cool. I always wanted to know more about opera. And, oh yeah, man, your cock feels fantastic in me.” (Dialogue reconstructed from actual conversations during mansex.)

(It’s important to remember that all of us are simultaneously many different people. Back in the ancient days, when I was a fuckwhore slut, it was not uncommon for an encounter to end with my holding my partner’s cock in my asshole while he cradled me in his arms and we talked about linguistics. I  mean, that’s what I do; I’m an actual authority.)

As a bonus, one of Justin Matthews’s p.r. photos, presenting him not with his hard dick jutting out (there are any number of these), but performing a cock tease for his audience, with his jeans unbuttoned while he fixes his audience with narrowed lustful eyes:

(#5) From early in his career, when he had romantic hair (compare the close cut in #1); the killer abs are long-standing


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