Disney meets Tom of Finland

From correspondent RJP, a link to this GayStarNews piece today, “Here’s what the Seven Dwarfs would look like as muscle daddies: Featuring Hunky Grumpy and Beefy Doc and a very hot Dopey” by Shannon Power:

The answer to the question you never thought you’d ask has been answered: what would Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs look like as muscle daddies?

Artist and graphic designer Silverjow has reimagined the beloved characters as you’ve never seen them before.

The artist said his aim was to make a picture book of his illustrations. Silverjow set up a Patreon so he would have more freedom to make the art he wanted.

Disney and Tom of Finland, united at last:


Two of the seven:

(#3) Sleepy
(#4) Grumpy

What’s up, Doc?

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