The IvanFest

April 28th-30th in Cordura Hall at Stanford: Structure and Evidence in Linguistics, a conference honoring Ivan Sag. Program here.

A few more details:

Sunday 4/28, 2:30-5:30: Elisabet Engdahl, Ted Gibson, Philip Hofmeister and Laura Staum Casasanto, Carl Pollard, Stefan Müller, Geoffrey Pullum

Monday 4/29, 2:00-5:40: Jorge Hankamer, Pauline Jacobson, Jong-Bok Kim and Peter Sells, Philip Miller, Jonathan Ginzburg, Joanna Nykiel, Roger Levy, Farrell Ackerman and Rob Malouf and John Moore

Tuesday 4/30, 2:00-5:40: Erhard Hinrichs and Tsuneko Nakazawa, Gosse Bouma, Frank Van Eynde, Lauri Karttunen and Annie Zaenen, Stephen Wechsler, Alex Lascarides, Gert Webelhuth, James Blevins

[Added 4/21, in answer to questions about the participants: The invited participants are from Ivan’s collaborators and students — a very large group of people. (Ivan’s university colleagues who were not his collaborators or students, and his teachers who were not also collaborators, were not invited.) And preference was given to people from outside Stanford.]

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