BBC for Labor Day

(Men’s bodies and talk of mansex, unapologetic and carnal, in street language. So not for kids or the sexually modest. Not without linguistic interest, but still…)

The Michael Lucas gay porn firm has sent around its Labor Day sale ad, an exercise in minimalism. As I said in a posting on AZBlogX, where the hard-core stuff lives:

Sean Xavier, unadorned: no props, no flags, no picnic supplies, just a big black man with a big black cock


The banner in #1 was borrowed from some other Labor Day sale; blow-out sale in ads for gay porn is a commonplace, but the Lucas staff chose not to use it this time, probably because they’re focusing on fucking rather than sucking. The image in #2 is Sean Xavier, looking like a dominant top, with his absurdly humongous dick (9 or 10 inches, depending on which ad you read) cropped out.

This is a generic ad for the Lucas Labor Day sale, but it’s also a plug for “Shawn Reeve Takes Sean Xavier’s BBC Up His Ass”, a scene from Bareback Auditions 08: Fresh Additions released today.

On AZBlogX, a shot of Reeve about to suck on Xavier’s cock. And here, a thumbnail of the two men — an engaging, smiling Reeve and a Xavier with perhaps the beginning of a half-smile, but no more:

(#3) Xavier plays the stud thug, Reeve the amiable pussy-boy

The Lucas website doesn’t give you more than a momentary taste of Xavier pounding Reeve’s ass, presumably so that you’ll be enticed into paying to see what you most desire.

The accompanying ad copy:

Shawn Reeve is always up for a challenge, and the challenge in question is Sean Xavier’s 10-inch big black cock. Shawn doesn’t just suck on Sean’s huge piece of meat, but rather opens up his throat as much as possible so he can swallow the entirety of the Sean’s dick right down to the base. But Shawn is going to have to open up a hell of a lot more it he’s going to completely take Sean’s size… and that’s in his butt!

The title of their scene together has Sean Xavier’s BBC in it, with BBC, an unfamiliar abbreviation that I didn’t get at first in this context — until I came across big black cock in the copy. Then I discovered that it’s moderately common in writing about gay porn. It combines the central preoccupation of gay porn, cocks, with two phallic properties that are much in demand, at least in fantasy: size and blackness. Both problematic, the first physically, the second socially, as I’ve written about several times in the past.

But this is fantasy: you can indulge your fantasies of Everything to the Max by imagining that your body can open up like a flower to welcome a cock of any size; and you can indulge your fantasies of being a black thug’s bitch. Both without having to confront any difficult aspects of reality.

Then there’s the abbreviation BBC. So, so many things it can stand for, the first to come to most people’s mind being the British Broadcasting Corporation. If you’re me, the next thing to comes to mind is a name: my old friend Benita Bendon Campbell. And then Bob Donohue’s self-chosen initialism for himself in gay bear contexts. But then there’s a huge list of BBCs, including the Billionaire Boys Club, British Born Chinese, and my favorite, Bromobenzyl cyanide.

From Wikipedia:

Bromobenzyl cyanide (BBC) is an obsolete lachrymatory agent introduced in World War I by the Allied Powers.

thus introducing the ponderous Latinate expression lachrymatory agent (synonym lachrymator), whose only function seems to be to avoid the everyday expression tear gas in favor of something that sounds more “scientific”. Elsewhere in Wikipedia we learn that

Common lachrymators include pepper spray (OC gas), CS gas, CR gas, CN gas (phenacyl chloride), nonivamide, bromoacetone, xylyl bromide, syn-propanethial-S-oxide (from onions), and Mace (a branded mixture).

Note the prevalence of initialisms, the full names of the chemical agents being jaw-breakers.

Ah, we have gone from ebony megalophalluses to lachrymators. The moral: Big black cocks will end in tears.


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