Late for St. Patrick’s

… but then he’s not Irish, but English.

(Note: mostly about men’s bodies and gay porn. Not in plain street talk, but still you might want to exercise your judgment.)

Below the fold, an ad from the gay porn studio Channel 1 Releasing, with an image of gay pornstar Harley Everett under the header

I’m not Irish! But you can still GET LUCKY.

(by taking advantage of sale items and getting off to them).


Beautiful body (of which he is very proud) and amazing tats. A front view, in jeans:


(Butch Dixon is the name of a porn studio.)

This is a Really Big Man. Broad shoulders, astounding pecs and enormous arm muscles. He’s 6′3″ and 215 lbs., with a thick 8.5″ uncut dick. He’s English, frankly and openly gay, with a long-time partner he was engaged in 2013 to marry (in England) . He and his partner (not a porn actor, but apparently fully supportive of Everett’s career) are both maniacs for muscle development, working out intensively together five times a week. He’s been doing gay porn since about 2010, he’s anally versatile, and he’s passionately into BDSM, leather, and fetishes. (His first scene in gay porn was a heavy watersports encounter.)

The pec tattoo says “Fortaleza y honor”, Spanish for the phrase in Proverbs 31:25 most often translated in English as “Strength and dignity”, but sometimes “Strength and hono(u)r”.

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