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Today’s Zippy:

First, the transformation into Rembrandt (admittedly, in a muumuu), then the appearance of the writer and art collector Gertrude Stein (also in a muumuu).

And, of course, the name Neolite Tvtube (or however the family name gets capitalized), one of Bill Griffith’s adventures in re-using commercial names. In this case, there are at least two models for Neolite.

One is the neolite soles for shoes made by the Goodyear Rubber Co. for some time. Nothing to do with television tubes, but then Griffith’s names are often mixtures from different commercial sources.

More recently, and possibly more relevantly, there’s the Neolite company specializing in automative lamps. From the company’s site, in its own words:

Founded in 1952, the NEOLITE Group has been associated for over 54 Years in the manufacture of “Automotive Lightings”.

Starting from scratch, when the Automotive Industry in India was in its infancy stage, Neolite worked hard to develop & enhance its Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Marketing base.

… Neolite later entered into a JV [joint venture] with one of the most technically advanced Manufacturers in Europe – ZKW (ZIZALA Lichtsysteme GmbH) of Austria.

So: automotive lamps, though not television tubes.

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