Name that mammoth

From the BBC News on 8/4/14, “Ipswich mammoth called”:

A life-size woolly mammoth model has finally been named – thanks to inspiration from The Black Eyed Peas singer and The Voice star

Ipswich Museum has had the previously unnamed model of the prehistoric mammal since the 1980s.

The museum’s under-fives group has now chosen from a shortlist.

Rejected names included Manny, the mammoth in The Ice Age films, and Mick or Micky for Ipswich Town manager Mick McCarthy and ex-captain Mick Mills.

Jayne Austin, museum development manager, said: “We’d just never named him, even though our stuffed rhinoceros has been called Rosie since the 1960s.”

(Hat tip to Chris Ambidge.)

On the mammoth as my totem animal, here. is a great name, especially since it can outlast the singer It’s still a cute pun.

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