Linguistics in the comics

Linguistics in the comics postings – 1/9/14

(postings on obscenicons are in a separate file)

what is a cartoon? Dinosaur Comics, xkcd
on speech balloons
A Softer World: comic?
wordless cartoons, words-only cartoons
“comicteer” or “dialoguenaut” for “cartoonist” (Dinosaur Comics)
division of labor in the comics: writer vs. artist, drawing vs. inking, story vs. realization, etc. (Zippy)
summer in the comics? – proposal
cartoon matters – gag cartoons
Alison Bechdel – graphic novel
bibliography – graphic novel
Raymond Briggs – graphic novel
speech and thought balloons
Bizarro on visual conventions
more Bizarro on visual conventions
Zippy: cartoon characters ageing
Zippy: cartoon characters ageing
Zippy: cartoon characters ageing
Bizarro on visual conventions: three fingers rather than four

comic-book genres, comics vs. cartoons

art, cartoons, illustration, etc.
the comics world and the real world; Zippy’s lg.
McCagg diagrams: cartoons?
“Panels That Always Work” by Wally Wood
Carvell slides on preparing the freshman seminar; Dubinsky & Holcomb
comics vs. graphic novels

comics vs. other forms; creation of comics; allusions to other comics
bubbles under water
the rise of webcomics

BZ, 2/7/13: The cyberpragmatics of bounding asterisks:
typographical conventions
subtractive cartooning
manga instruction books; Haida manga

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