Yet another portmanteau

From Hilary Price’s Rhymes With Orange:

The portmanteau works especially well for people who have a tensed, raised variant of /æ/ in marathon, a vowel approximating or merging with the vowel these people have in mare. (This doesn’t work for me, but it does for a fair number of speakers.)

Searches on “nightmarathon” bring up mostly references to “night marathons”, that is, marathons held at night. But there are a few more portmanteau examples in there.

One Response to “Yet another portmanteau”

  1. Another playful portmanteau « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] continues her series on playful portmanteaus — most recent examples I’ve posted on here (nightmarathon) and here (floorganized) — with Petris (pet + […]

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