In his Boston Globe blog on the 8th, Ben Zimmer tackles the cronut (which I too have posted about) — croissant + doughnut — and food portmanteaus more generally:

Why we love ‘cronuts’: The devilish pull of the food portmanteau

Food portmanteaus … are popping up faster than you can say “tofurkey.” On his website, Barry Popik, an expert on the origins of food terms, has culled a bumper crop of new blends. For instance, Jess Kapadia of the Food Republic blog recently shared her recipe for the sandwich fixing “tomatonaise,” which consists of “super-ripe tomatoes food-processed, or immersion-blended, with mayo.” Meanwhile, Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Chef,” introduced Huffington Post readers to the “eggocado,” a baked egg inside an avocado.

Further examples, old and new, follow.

Foodmanteaus come up on this blog every so often. Here’s a sampling, in reverse chronological order, going back a year and a half:

5/25/13   cockolate (chocolate penises) (link)

5/24/13   cockie ‘cock cookie’ (link)

5/21/13   despairagus (link)

5/16/13   Manwich (and other –wich food names), BeefaroniRice-A-Roni (and other –aroni food names) (link)

5/6/13  Tacolicious (link)

3/7/13   jalapiñot noir (link)

12/1/12  teasan (link)

10/4/12   craisins (link)

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    […] Hybrid dishes are fashionable. The wonut follows the cronut, a croissant-donut combination that was invented in New York last year and is now being fried and munched in Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Britain — and even France, where you’d think diners would be fussier. [On cronuts on this blog, see here and here.] […]

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