Two Dilberts

From the 8th, featuring Alice:


and from the 20th, featuring Wally and the pointy-haired boss:


On #1, note that “good communication skills” involve both the way you speak and use your body while speaking and the way you listen to others and monitor their body language. Dilbert seems not to have gotten the second part: he affects to listen, but he’s not really attending to what Alice is saying, probably because she’s a woman (and men know that what women say is of little consequence).

In #2, the pointy-haired boss and Wally collaborate in a display of jargon-dense talk that goes beyong bullshit into some ethereal realm of nonsense.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Mike Pope on Facebook about #1:

    “and men know that what women say is of little consequence,” you might know that Scott Adams has come in for no little criticism for his MRA-leaning [men’s rights acrivism] blog posts. Stop me if you know all this, but someone has taken cites out of his blog and stuck them as dialog into Dilbert strips, which Boing-Boing calls “Grimly amusing, if you’re familiar with Adams’ online persona; startlingly unpleasant if not.” (link)

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