Today’s Zits, with Jeremy and Sara and their kisses:

An extension of commando to new territory, but still having to do with a protective layer.

Green’s Dictionary of Slang has commando in go commando,

(U.S. campus) to go without underwear

(possibly because “tough commandos need no such ‘soft’ apparel”) from Connie Eble’s Campus Slang in 1974 and on from there.

Going commando lacks the underwear layer; Jeremy’s extended it to lacking the lip gloss layer. You can imagine further possibilities.


One Response to “commando”

  1. The Hamm knuckle | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] idiom go commando I’ve looked at on this blog twice: here with a Zits involving a semantic extension of commando, plus a reference to Green’s […]

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