Morning names

For some time now, I’ve been waking in the morning with a name stuck in my head, usually a name from show business or television: Laura Prepon, Frank Gorshin, Sada Thompson, Danny Pino, etc. (you can look them up). Usually just one day each (though Prepon had a three- or four-day run). Not extraordinarily famous, and I’m not sure why they pop up: they don’t figure in my dreams, and I don’t recall having heard something about them in the days before their names appear.

It’s sort of like being given crossword puzzle clues in the morning:

Laura of That ’70s Show


Prepon of That ’70s Show.

3 Responses to “Morning names”

  1. eric zwicky Says:

    with me it’s songs. i go to bed with a song playing in my head and i wake up with it still playing. it does not play in my dreams, but rather goes into “pause” mode. sometimes it takes days for the song to change.

    it drives me up a wall. i think the young people call this an ear-worm.

  2. eric zwicky Says:

    the past couple of days it’s been “evil speaker” by guided by voices.

    great song, but i’m getting tired of it.

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