Equality Without Exception (sort of)

That’s the theme of this year’s San Francisco Pride celebration (which I’m now watching on tv):

As the hosts for the tv coverage point out every whipstitch, this is a fabulous achievement, but it’s marriage equality without exception (in the US), not overall equality, and there are very pressing needs for protections against discrimination in many areas and for support for some groups of lgbt people (especially young people). The fact remains that in a great many places, discrimination in housing, employment, and other areas is entirely legal, and in a fair number of places existing protections are being eliminated, often on religious grounds (references to homosexuality as an abomination are common); a number of religious groups are doubling down on their hostility to homosexuality, which should make any person of charity worry about the state of teenagers.

More on this in a calmer time. Meanwhile, I cry with joy at what’s been achieved so far. And cry for my man Jacques, who died a dozen years ago, having hoped for some years that it would some day be possible for us to be actually married.

(Good lord! The Apple contingent is mind-bogglingly enormous. It just goes on. And on. And on. And then the fire department… And Nancy Pelosi. The Police Department Pride Alliance. Much more to come.)

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