Auditioning to be Zippy

When we last heard from Lazlo and Connie, the actors who perform Zippy and Zerbina, they had fled to Copper Harbor MI (where they were staying at the King Copper Motel). The story then shifted (on June 24th) to Griffy and the task of finding replacements for the actors. The first strip in this story line:


In panel 2, Griffy travels to Whitinsville MA, to Varky’s Cleaners:


I suspect there’s nothing special about Varky’s, other than that it offers Martinizing, a process Bill Griffith finds intrinsically funny. Here’s a mention from some time ago:


And there’s a posting of 8/12/12 on Zippy and -ize processes, including Martinizing.

In any case, Griffy supposes that a career in Martinizing and advertising it would be a good background for a character actor to play Zippy. The candidate doesn’t shrink from the surgical alterations needed for the role, but he seems to have an irremediable comic book laugh (hyuk hyuk hyuk).

On to some actual auditions (with allusions to various bits of American popular culture (Ryan Secrest, Funky Winterbean , Snuggle the fabric softener bear, the Monkees) — plus some Griffith preoccupations (diners, roadside fiberglass figures — Muffler Man in #4 and A&W Root Beer figures in #6 — and (in #5) Valvoline).

A satisfactory replacement for Lazlo has yet to be found.





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