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(About gay porn and a notable actor in the business, who’s been having hot mansex on-screen since 2002 and is still going at it. Meanwhile, writing thoughtfully about his life. But, yes, lots of stuff about men’s bodies and about mansex, mostly in street language. Not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Dirk Yates Amateur Str8 Marines e-mail ad on the 10th, with four hard-core stills sequestered in a posting on AZBlogX and with the ad copy:

Just released on the site today is this scene from Dirk Yate’s film, Duty Weekend. Watch Nick Capra have sex with sexy Marine DJ Carlton. Now streaming on

Dirk Yates and DJ Carlton. Before I go on to Capra, some side notes.

As I’ve posted a number of times on this blog and AZBlogX, DY offers what are billed as straight amateur military men who engage in mansex on-screen in exchange for a payment from Yates, and then usually discover how much they like it. DY plays fast and loose with straight, amateur, and military, and also, it turns out now, with just released.

The company offers the fantasy of straight amateur military guys — routinely using frankly and openly gay experienced pornstars with no military connections whatsoever (like Capra) — and is perfectly happy to label old film or video as just released, as it has done here: Duty Weekend was released in 2008; I posted about it on 5/30/16, in “Memorial Day military porn” (on AZBlogX), focussing almost entirely on Carlton, where I quoted DY ad copy:

Director Dirk Yates is in a class all his own when it comes to getting real-life military dudes to get it on for his cameras. New Recruit DJ Carlton wasn’t looking forward to reporting for Duty Weekend, but when he stumbles across two of his shipmates sucking in the bathroom, he realizes that he just might like it after all. Watch as DJ and fellow servicemen get stiff and slip below the decks for some on duty fucking, exploding in a five-way orgy.

and noted that

Carlton might have in fact been a Marine amateur in this movie and one other he did for Yates in 2008.

then expanding on this some in a 5/31/16 posting “Immoral Day 2016 and gay military porn” on this blog:

In my AZBlogX posting you can see the Channel 1 Releasing / Dirk Yates tribute to Immoral Day, in pornstar flesh (represented there by DJ, or D.J., Carlton in the 2008 flick Duty Weekend) offered for sale to celebrate American military men, democracy, and capitalism.

… For a variety of reasons, discussed in earlier postings on this blog, military men (or, at least, men framed as military men) are hot items in the gay male world, and Carlton might in fact have been a Marine when (or not long before) he appeared in this movie and the one other he did for Yates in 2008, The Few, the Proud, the Naked 15.

The appeal of military characters to the consumers of gay porn is clear: high masculinity. The appeal of amateurs is not so obvious to me: maybe the idea is that amateurs are more authentic. Me, I hope to see carefully crafted stories, peopled by actors who are good at their jobs, with decent production values.

The appeal of straight guys is totally lost on me. The idea, I suppose, is that straight guys are supposed to be more masculine than gay guys, hence more desirable, and that getting a straight guy to have sex with you is dominating him,  using him (which brings mansex with straight guys into the ugly orbit of forced sex), but mostly mansex with a straight guy would feel to me like engaging with someone who, at best, isn’t actually attracted to me and, at worst, actively despises me.

But tastes differ here, as in all things, and DY seems to have no trouble finding an audience for his material.

In any case, Nick Capra, even back in 2008, when Duty Weekend came out, was not even slightly straight, amateur, or military. He was already an established pornstar, 6 years into a career of hard work.

On Capra. Some basic information, from the cocksuckers guide (a directory of gay pornstars):

Standing 6’2″ with an eight-inch dick, good-looking Nick Capra was a welcome new face on the porn scene when he arrived in 2002 at age 26. With close to a hundred titles for studios as diverse as All Worlds, Factory Video Products, Studio 2000, Lucas Entertainment, and Titan Media, this versatile stud is one of the most reliably hot performers in gay porn. When he’s not steaming up your screen, he’s listening to music (Stevie Nicks, Deep Dish, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Madonna, and Radiohead are some favorites), working out, reading (The Bell Jar and Memoirs of a Geisha are both on his shelf), and spending time with friends and family.

Then from the Manhattan Digest site on 11/29/15, “Get To Know The Handsome & Inspiring Nick Capra” by Ryan Shea:


Finding longevity in any career is very difficult, let alone the adult industry.  Far too many times you find these “one hit wonder” types that come in like a lion and out like a lamb.  However, if you are smart, witty and know a thing or two about business, you can figure out how to stay on top (pun intended) of your game and still find an insane amount of relevance years later.  One man in the gay adult industry that exemplifies this is the beautiful Nick Capra.

Nick started doing work in the gay porn industry around the time the new millennium happened, so roughly 14 years.  Chiseled looks, ability to perform and being an incredible top in each scene made him a fan favorite for many years to come.

… [RS:] You have also had quite the longevity in this industry, where a lot of people tend to come and go really quickly.  What’s your secret on finding long term work in this type of an arena?

[NC:] Yes. I’ve watched huge stars…much bigger and more famous than myself; experience what I call a “meteoric” rise to the top. They stay there for several years, then saturate, and disappear. I’ve watched several generations of gay porn stars do that over the last 13 1/2 years. The average life span of a really successful porn star is 3-5 years.

I don’t know why I have outlasted everyone. There is not a single gay porn star, who emerged when I did, who is still shooting Raging Stallion, Titan,, and all the other “A-list” studios.  Of course, my growing older, and this whole “daddy” thing has helped.

Capra highlights 1: The Bombardier. A 12/18/10 posting “The Bombardier 1” looked at this 2002 film (a favorite of mine), starring Jason Ridge and Breck Stewart as a pair of lovers, and with one scene featuring Nick Capra and Paul Johnson.

Capra highlights 2: Frat Boys 5. Also from 2002, a Regiment Productions flick directed by Paul Barresi and featuring Nick Capra, Trent Atkins, Lexx Parker, Josh Benjamin, Rob Kirk, and Jason Sizemore:

(#2) NC preparing to jump two “frat boys'” asses

Capra highlights 3: Mens Room Bakersfield Station. A Joe Gage t-room epic from 2004, posted about here on 1/24/17  in “A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room”. At one point Nick Capra fucks Danny Vox energetically.

#7 there is a Nick Capra torso shot, with him flashing a big amiable smile (reprised for your pleasure at the end of this posting). And in a section on NC, from an interview:

… as I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed. I still love my Spanish uncut men. They carry a masculinity to them that is different than American men. However, I also have an affinity for pups – younger guys, early twenties with smooth holes. They call me daddy and curl up in my hairy chest. Let me throw ’em around in bed. I’m becoming a dirty old man!

Capra highlights 4: Duty Weekend.  The Dirk Yates production from 2008, discussed above: Nick Capra and DJ Carlton.

Capra 2018. Ten years later, Capra is still, um, plugging away. Now in Icon Male productions directed by Nica Noelle — for example, Discreet Rendez-vous (2018), with this ad copy on TLA Video:

Peek into the secret rendez-vous of beautiful males who are struggling with intense, forbidden desires. Passionate TABOO encounters between secret gay lovers, Indulging in discreet, mind-blowing affairs that lead to intense, steamy sex. Featuring the hottest guys in the industry.

Nick Capra, Brock Avery, Alex Greene, Josh Pierce, Brendan Patrick, Seth Santoro, Ty Roderick, Dirk Caber, Adam Russo

Capra maintains his Porn Star Blog: “The blog of adult video star Nick Capra”, which provides teaser clips of NC having sex with (mostly fucking) one guy after another.

Each clip has a brief summary — from which I learn that NC is a committed practitioner of NomConjObjs, conjoined object pronouns in the nominative case, as here:

So tooling both he and his bf was a dream cum true.

The size difference between he and I really turns me on.

(Linguistics is everywhere. See the Page on this blog on pronoun case postings.)

Mostly, however, NC’s sex blog made me reflect once again on the lives of gay pornstars — mostly a life of free-lancing, finding gigs, creating opportunities to sell yourself one way or another, maintaining a desirable body. Even if you have a high sex drive and are firmly oriented towards men, it’s hard work. Danny Vox and Jason Ridge — actors (mentioned above) I have much admired, and men who have talked thoughtfully and reflectively on life in the business — have disappeared from the porn scene, while Nick Capra endures. But for how long, and how?


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