In purple hexadecimal

The briefest of celebratory woofs for the 16th (= 10h-th) birthday of Opal Eleanor Armstrong Zwicky, today:



You are young, Opal Eleanor, the old man said,
And your hair colors wander astray,
And now if you stand on your head, just right,
You’ll be 91 starting today.



#1: From the Australian Opal Direct site: a purple Australian opal from Opalton QLD

“Father William”: a  burlesque of Lewis Carroll — the Carroll being itself a parody of a Robert Southey didactic poem

hair color: Opal’s hair has flirted with various colors, most often flashes of purple

The old man is but 79-going-on-80, still far from 91, but his hair is indubitably white. He does not stand on his head at all, much less incessantly.

2 Responses to “In purple hexadecimal”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    How about balancing an eel on the end of his nose? (I’m assuming that back-somersaults are right out.)

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