Avant l’orgie

(Men’s bodies and references to mansexual orgies. So not for everybody.)

Yesterday’s offering from Daily Jocks, for a Helsinki Athletica sale. With a bit of AZ free verse interpreting the image:



The image. Other than the model’s remarkable physique, functioning as a sales come-on, there are two especially salient aspects of the image: his facial expression and the gesture with his clothing.

The face. He’s searching intently (but otherwise without emotion) to his left, into the middle distance. Not gazing at us, the consumers of his display, or at his own body or clothes. He’s fixed on others, and they’re important to him.

The bare facts. I’ve enriched this interpretation by giving the model’s character a name, Stan, and putting Stan onto the sidelines of an orgy of mansex, where he’s looking to find a place for himself.

Orgies are often complex, sometimes apparently chaotic (it’s hard for an observer to keep focused), and they’re organized on several different principles; from my Page on group sex for men, see especially my 7/13/13 posting “More group sex” (focused on gay porn), on simple orgies (separate clusters of men having sex with one another in the same space), fluid (smorgasbord-style) orgies, and many-on-one sex (gangbangs and the like). I note that in real life (and also sometimes in porn), orgies very often involve sexual free agents roaming the space: men stroking their hard dicks and looking for partners to hook up with.

So there’s a lot for Stan to search through on the sidelines, as the orgy unfolds in front of him. No wonder he’s so intent. (More on the orgy scene below.)

The clothing. Stan has already pushed his grey Kasper Joggers down below his hips, and now he has his left hand hooked into the waistband of his bold Finnish-blue jockstrap, getting ready to pull that down, to make hs cock and balls available to the orgiasts. At the ready!

The DJ ad copy that accompanies #1 (as an ad for a 25% off FLASH SALE) focuses on its sexiness:

You’ve worked hard for your body – why not show it off in Helsinki Athletica? With an unmistakable focus on bold Euro styles and quality fabrics that emphasise your physique, the Helsinki Athletica collection is the sexy design you’ve been waiting for.

(The company is genuinely oriented towards athletic equipment, but they’re not unmindful of their big queer appeal.)

At the orgy. We have Stan on the verge of joining into the orgy, presenting himself as a top, looking for ass. There will surely be enthusiastic takers. The event might in fact be catering especially to his tastes; there is, after all, a Love to Get Fucked Blogspot site (with the obvious address: lovetogetfucked.blogspot.com) where you can find images of manpussy orgies (I had one such image, with that name, edited for use here — it shows an event with three slots available for Stan to fill — but decided that it was too crude for this relatively light-hearted posting).

As it happens, on the light-hearted side, I’ve been sitting for some time on a link, provided to me by my long-time reader RJP, to an Imgur gallery on “Men’s Fashion from the 70’s” by janetspots: a gigantic trove of absurd apparel from the period (such as I have occasionally posted on here). Many of the men appear to be, like Barbie’s Ken, desexed, with vacant crotches, but others are laughably oversexed, with obtrusive packages. From the latter set I’ve selected two examples of men — pre-orgiastic, but clearly revved up for the occasion — that Stan might be appraising as targets for his sexual attentions:

(#3) A bottom advertising his ass (also displaying a gumball machine, what could he be trying to say?); two amiable tops, dicks at the ready — but are they willing to share?

(#4) Glitter Boys in Heat: should Stan go for the gold?

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Just to note that Stan’s nipples are erect — not at all common in underwear ads, surprisingly rare even in still p.r. shots for gay porn.

  2. CP Huxley Says:

    It’s important to remember the old saying: There is no ‘I’ in ‘Orgy’.

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