Visual burlesque

From Xopher Walker recently, this image from the American Postcard Co. in 1995; design by George Costaldo, photography by Michael Huhn. One of a set of political leather images — involving Hillary alone, Bill alone, Hillary and Bill, and (below) Bill and Al — sometimes described as parodies, but to my mind better characterized as (visual) burlesques.

Castaldo and Huhn seem to be also responsible for visual parodies, notably of the familiar targets the Mona Lisa and American Gothic. I haven’t found other information about Castaldo, but for Huhn there’s a fair amount, including his photography website, with photographs of men, women, New York City, and Hollywood.

Huhn is a former fashion print model who then moved to the other side of the camera. His early books were collections of sexually explicit male photography: the 1994 Michael Huhn Photos (Gay Men’s Press, London) and the 1996 Peep Show (Jannsen, Berlin).


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