Don Coleman

Family stuff.

From my cousin Eleaner Severin Houck, this death notice from the Reading (PA) Eagle:



Don is #3 (of 12) in my cousin cohort; his brother Don (#6) is still alive, but his brother Ken (#11) has died.  (For reference, I’m #7 and Eleanor is the baby, #12; full list in this posting.) According to my information, half of the cohort survives.

Don went to Wilson High six years before me — enough older than me that we lived in separate worlds at the time.

The Zwicky generation before me went: #1 Fred, #2 Bertha (Severin), #3 Walter, #4 Lillian (Coleman), #5 Arnold. As the youngest daughter, Don’s mother Lillian ended up being her father’s caregiver (for some years) after he was struck down by strokes. (Default arrangements for eldercare are strongly gendered.)

Family photos showing three of the five children of Melchior and Bertha (missing: my dad, who gets lots of coverage in this blog; and Eleanor’s mother Bertha):


On the right, Don’s parents, Al [Alfred] Coleman and Lillian Zwicky Coleman, in a studio portrait they had taken in July 1991. On the left, family photos from early in the 1940s: ton the top, my aunt Miriam and uncle Walter, with baby Lynda (cousin #8); on the bottom, my aunt Lucille and uncle Fred [Frederick], with their childred, left to right: Fred (cousin #1). Eleanor (cousin #5), and Henry (cousin #9). Henry, Lynda, and Lynda’s brother David (cousin #10) are all still alive.

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