I’ve just posted on star-of-Bethlehem, and  now Ann Burlingham has reminded me of another modest (and hyphenated) spring bulb, glory-of-the-snow. (There are still more, not hyphenated, for example snowdrops, Galanthus, and squills, Scilla.) A photo:


(The most common variant, in blue. The flowers are small, but numerous.)

From Wikipedia:

Chionodoxa, known as glory-of-the-snow, is a small genus of bulbous perennial flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. The genus is endemic to the eastern Mediterranean, specifically Crete, Cyprus and Turkey. The blue, white or pink flowers appear early in the year making them valuable garden ornamentals. The common name of the genus is based on the habit of flowering in high alpine zones when the snow melts in spring.

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