Marching on from Thanksgiving on Thursday, the U.S. has seen a celebration of shopping, Black Friday (featuring big chain stores especially), and then Small Business Saturday (I did in fact buy some things from small businesses in Palo Alto). Now, in anticipation of Cyber Monday tomorrow, one big store, Walmart, has moved the commercial event to Saturday (Cyber Saturday!), and quite a few have turned today into Cyber Sunday. Deals, deals, deals.

I’ve been lying down and mostly avoiding these occasions. Instead, I’ve done a couple of postings on AZBlogX.

The first, “Black Friday Sales”, is a piece of low-down entertainment, an ad from porn purveyor Gamelink with an assortment of extravagant porn flicks and sex toys, including a kit for making penis molds in chocolate.

The second, “Pierre et Gilles and dicks at play”, is a brief Cyber Sunday celebration of the wry artist couple (with three playful works featuring penises), plus James Bidwell and David LaChapelle (doing his version of The Last Supper) as bonuses.


2 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Victor Steinbok Says:

    You must have missed Walmart’s latest spots that promote “cyberweek”.

  2. Tané Tachyon Says:

    Last night my 17-year-old showed me a “Cyber Monday Comes Early!” email he had received, promoting a Saturday-through-Monday sale at The Gap. It contained the discount code “HUGECYBER”, which he found kind of risqué.

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