Naughty Xmas

The Christmas holidays approach, and we get all sorts of word plays on seasonal themes. Here are three decidedly gay ones.

1. Jingle Balls. From several sources on the net, this entertaining Show Your Joe ad, for Joe Boxer briefs:

Jingle Balls  (#1)

2. Deck the Halls. From the GayPosters site:


3. Jizz the Season. My favorite, if only because every year John McIntyre warns editors against using the worn “tis the season” formula in their Christmas stories. This is from the Channel 1 Releasing site:


An ad for sex toys, featuring Rascal man Johnny Hazzard.

4. Bonus. And then there’s the song “Jizz the Season”, from the album A Very Sticky Christmas … and More, by Sticky Liquid Experiment, available from Amazon.

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