Orchids on the march

Starting in May, we had a series of extraordinary heat waves, with record-breaking high temperatures again and again (sometimes 10 degrees F. above the record for the day). Then the heat waves broke and temperatures dropped by about 40 degrees, to something like normal. This seems to have convinced winter-blooming plants, like my cymbidium orchids, that winter had come, so they started sending up flower shoots. By Halloween, about six weeks early, we had this:

(#1) Yellow cymbidium in bloom

A second shoot is now days away from blooming, and there are at least 6 more shoots coming along.

#1 today, up close:


Here you can see that the flowers are in fact greenish-yellow, and that they have very heavily flecked lips.

All the flowers are a surprise, since the identifying labels got lost in a series of plant moves. What next? we ask.

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