Objects of carnal desire

(Men’s bodies and sexual desire, decidedly racy but not explicit. Use your judgment.)

The latest from Daily Jocks, with an offer of the 2018 Pump! calendar:


Male photography by Rick Day for the Pump! firm, projecting carnal desire and carnal desirability in equal measure. The model — I think of him as Cal, for Calendar Boy — is presented displaying his muscular body (upper arms, pecs, abs) in a pitsntits come-on pose, wearing a Pump! Cooldown Boxer in Red (the color of hot sex, in blatant pouchwear), and with a High Desire face (slit eyes, slack open mouth, and what you can imagine are flaring nostrils). The inset of Mr. Feb. gives you the butt shot to match the pouch display, offering both foci of gay male desire..

The point of the ad photos is to offer something for everyone: you can identify with the model or desire him, want to be him or do him. The ad copy that accompanies the photos usually emphasizes comfort and support, sometimes style, but always intangible masculine values. A regular Pump! ad (as usual, headless, to put the focus on the crotch):


The ad copy:

Stay up late with the PUMP! Free-Fit Boxer. This full micromesh body boxer offers total comfort, while its sleek design aesthetic exudes masculinity, athleticism, and sophistication. A new take on the everyday classic, this boxer brief stands out with its statement white contrasting lines and statement waistband. Get active and own the night with the PUMP! Free-Fit Boxer.

This is the second 2018 calendar on offer from DJ. The first was their very own production, described in my 12/6/17 posting “gruggerware”: 12 months of the Melbourne Chargers Rugby Union LGBT Football Club.


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