Arôme Saveur Penis

From Chris Ambidge, this image from French artist Stéphane Bérard’s installation L’arôme pénis pour préservatif:

Yes, a dick-flavored scent.

Also from the installation:

The (French) Wikipedia page for Bérard tells us that he was born in 1966 and is a versatile artist, with installations —

L’arôme pénis pour préservatif (1998-2003), présenté en flacons de 25 ml avec compte-gouttes, possède l’odeur et la saveur caractéristiques du pénis

3 minutes post-cubistes (2002-2003) rend compte de la restitution d’un masque africain au consul du Mali à Marseille

Convertible (2008) est une proposition de canapé convertible [featuring a pile of straw]

Brutal Warburg Une exposition personnelle à la galerie Marion Meyer Contemporain ici présentée par Thomas Golsenne

plus several feature films, albums of music (among them Donne-moi ton sperme (avec Xavier Boussiron, Ssuave, 2001)), and four books (including translations of Dante’s Inferno).

At least one person — on Sex is the New Blog, which focuses on girls, girls, girls — contemplated the possibility that Bérard was offering an actual product. In ” “Scent of a Penis”: French Artist Prankster Stephane Berard’s Penis Perfume Joke is No Joke, or is It?” (3/13/08, here), the blogger writes:

If they can make a parfum de vagina, then why not an eau de cock? I can’t find too much info about Stephane Berard’s “Arome Saveur Penis” that is to say, a liquid that is supposed to taste like penis. Unlike the silly vagina smell in a bottle, though, I think this one has way better potential and according to my preliminary research the artist tried to market it sell it to various condom manufacturers who didn’t bite (pun fully intended). But I really do think this is a great idea. Really the logic is simple. The only way you’d want to put some kind of flavour on a condom is if you were going to wear a hat for a blowjob, you know, safe sex and all, and with the”flavoured condoms” flavours usually being something insane like kiwi fruit or mango, let’s think long and hard (pun intended again) about how many penises smell like tropical fruits? Then again, since I’m assuming the majority of ‘blowjobs with condoms’ only occur between prostitutes and johns, perhaps disguising the scent of a penis with a tropical fruit smell is actually preferred.

The “silly vagina smell in a bottle” is VULVA Original:

The real erotifying vaginal scent of a desirable woman –

VULVA Original is NOT a perfume, but the captivating intimate scent conserved as odorous substance, made to satisfy your own smelling pleasure. VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent which is produced by movement and sweating in the female intimate area, the scent that arises for example a couple of hours after having had the last intensive shower. (link)

VULVA Original doesn’t appear to be an art project.

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