BF pornopaloozas

(Gay porn sales for Black Friday and beyond. So: men’s bodies and mansex, in plain language, definitely not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Most of the hard-core raunch is in a posting on AZBlogX, but here’s one BF ad (for the Lucas studios) that I can get by with here:

(#1) Some word play is evergreen

The ad is a study in lean, swimmer body types and also in rise heights for tighty-whities: from left to right, lo, mid, and hi. And it satisfies what ought to be a rigid requirement for all BF ads: a significant Black.

Gay porn BF ads should also of course celebrate butt-fucking (if possible, between best friends). #1 merely hints at a happy pronging to come for the man in the middle, but it’s on the way, he’s on the way, he’s on the way to a three-way.

TitanMen paired black (Micah Brandt) and white (Bennett Anthony) as well for its BF ad. Cropped here, it shows an oral encounter (#2 on AZBlogX) between the two sleazy muscle-hunks:

(#2)  Brandt appreciating Anthony’s skill at transverse fellatio

Fans of butt-fucking, be not dismayed; AZBlogX also shows Brandt getting into Anthony (#3) and vice versa (#4).

There are sites that collect BF porn offers. From The Sword site on the 22nd, this enthusiastic ad copy:

While you are busy taking care of everyone on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, don’t forget to treat your most loyal friend, the one between your legs. Your gay porn dollar will never go this far.

When it comes to porn shopping over the “busiest shopping days of the year,” the best deals are only a peaceful click or two away.

And an entertaining holiday porn compendium joining Christians and Jews (with Christmas and Chanukah symbols, while carefully avoiding the cross and the star of David as too religiously hard core):

(#3)  Isaiah 11:6 (KJV): The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together. (#1 in AZBlogX, with Santa Boy’s perky cock cropped out of the picture)

On AZBlogX, two seasonal deals from Falcon, treating the day as an occasion for out-facing sit-fucks (white guys only, but then you can’t have everything). Captions: (#5, for DVDs) “Do me, Daddy, on DVD!” (#6, for downloads) “Download it into my base port, bro!”

As a bonus on AZBlogX, an offer (#7) for the website Jock Pussy (featuring f2m pornstar Luke Hudson) and its brother sites; and in #8, Hudson enjoying Zack Grayson’s dick in his jockpussy. With this note:

For another occasion: a posting on metoidioplasty (the basic f2m sex reassignment surgery) and on Bottom Hole Boys, a site offering gay hardcore scenes between trans men and cis men.

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