The patio report

(About my life and plants.)

Following up on yesterday’s patio-restoration posting, four photos of the results so far: two literally out the window by my work table (with the blinds just as they are now), two from better angles out on the patio.

Out the left front window: a dish garden and some coleus:


Out the right front window: another dish garden, more coleus; peach cymbidium, orange kalanchoe, and pink geranium in the back, two metal cranes foraging on the ground:


Out on the patio: left side, including a metal frog:


Out on the patio: chairs, table, big ol’ pink hydrangea coming into bloom:


Note another frog lurking behind the chair on the left.

Meanwhile, a lovely 72 F. (the way it’s supposed to be, this time of the year), but soon to go up to 85.

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