The other Elizabeth Zwicky

In tech, even, but she’s not my daughter, Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky (EDZ):

(#1) Elizabeth not-Daingerfield Zwicky’s Twitter photo

I’ll call her E¬DZ for short.

Gleaned from her Twitter (@ziz1387): Second shift IT Operations at UBS O’Connor. Interests: video games, cats, music, being me. Chicago IL.

Gleaned from her LinkedIn page: she majored in computer science, with a minor in Spanish, at Elmhurst College (in Elmhurst IL, a suburb of Chicago), 2006-11; I calculate that she’s in her late 20s.

The cover photo for her Facebook page:


And one of her photos there:


I wonder if we could get a Zwicky Women in Tech group together. It could be a force.

(No doubt E¬DZ gets asked if she’s the Elizabeth Zwicky, which must be really annoying.)

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