Toys for Twisted Boys

(On sex toys for gay men, with illustrations of the devices, but not on or in actual bodies, so the visuals are strictly speaking not X-rated. Also about the names for these devices, so  there’s some language stuff here. But there’s discussion of the way these devices are used in very plain language, so this posting is certainly not for kids or the sexually modest.)

A sale ad yesterday from C1R (mostly a company that makes and sells gay porn flicks, but they hawk other items for gay men as well), with the headers: “OxBalls Toy Sale! Get Dirty & Play Hard! Toys for Twisted Boys”:


The OxBalls company is definitely high-end, offering toys made of quality materials at fairly steep prices (I’ll give the ordinary, non-sale prices for the four items in #1 in my discussion below).

The first two toys are made of thermoplastic rubber, a material that combines a plastic and a rubber; it’s available in several colors, but the ones above are clear TPR. The last two are made of soft silicone, flesh-like to the touch and easy to care for; again the material is available in a number of colors, including the zinc-like tone in the third toy and black in the fourth.

The first toy is named the Ass-X Ass-Lock. It’s a cock-and-balls ring combined with a buttplug (the name focuses on the anal half of the combo). $49.

An ordinary cockring is, despite its name, not installed on the cock (rather, at the base of the balls), but its function is to maintain the erection of an engorged cock, so the name isn’t a complete misnomer. The testicular part of the device is designed to stimulate the balls during masturbation. So the user keeps a sturdy hard-on while he’s jacking off, gets his balls stimulated, and gets his asshole stroked as well.

The OxBalls site says that TPR is flexible and comfortable, so the device is easy to install (and remove after the happy ending).

The second toy, in contrast, is designed to prevent the wearer from jacking off. This is a male chastity device that OxBalls calls the Cock-Lock Cock Cage. It’s a cock cage that encloses the penis in such a way as to keep the wearer from getting his hands on his dick or stimulating it in any way, and it can be locked so that the wearer cannot remove the cage himself for release and relief.

In the gay male world, such devices are part of a dom-sub relationship in which the dom man (configured as Master or Sir or Daddy or whatever) takes control of the sub man, including control of the sub man’s sexual experience. The dom puts the cock cage on the sub, or has the sub put it on himself at the dom’s direction, locks it up, and then the sub is unable to get off except at the dom’s pleasure. (There is a hole at the tip of the downward-pointing piece for the sub to piss through.) $48.

The third toy is a straightforward combo of a standard cockring and buttplug, like the first toy but less complex, and in zinc-colored silicone fashioned to look like chains. (After what we’ve been through with the first two toys, this one now seems positively unremarkable.) $68.

The fourth toy — the Screamer 1 (1 is the smaller of the two sizes) Split-Head Buttplug — is a buttplug, but with a difference: the user slides it into his asshole, and then it snaps open to fix itself firmly in his rectum, where it can give him the satisfying feeling of being filled up anally and (as he goes about jacking off or simply going through his daily routines) intensely stimulated there. The smaller Screamer is meant for beginners, the larger one for the anally advanced. Both look like ominous black Pac-Men. I assume the device comes with instructions on how to get it to snap closed for removal.

Also available from OxBalls are two sorts of devices I don’t think I’ve discussed here: the cocksleeve (or cock sleeve) and the shaftring (or shaft ring or shaft cockring). Here I’ll shift to these items as available on-line, at prices more reasonable than OxBalls’ (but probably of lower quality).

A soft silicone cocksleeve from Rbenxia is available on under an assortment of names, indicating the versatility of the device:

Penis Sleeve – Cock Enlarger – Extender Sleeve – Condom – Cock Sleeve – Penis Enlargement

A startlingly purple cocksleeve illustrated on a dildo:


The device fully sheathes the wearer’s cock, so it can serve as a condom. But it also extends his cock (this one is 7 in., well above the mean of 5 in.), so that his sleeved cock can serve as a dildo of satisfying length.

A shaftring is like a cockring, but worn on the shaft, above the balls, rather than at the base of the balls. Here’s one available from several suppliers, in blue or in the black version illustrated here, where it’s combined with a flexible beaded anal probe:


This is another cock-and-asshole device — like the third toy in #1, but with an anal probe rather than a more substantial buttplug. Anal probes are relatively slender, as opposed to traditional dildos, which fill the asshole. Sometimes anal probes are marketed as a kind of dildo for anal beginners, supplying stimulation without challenging the user’s ability to take large things up his ass; the idea is that the user can gradually learn to open up his asshole and welcome larger and larger toys. But some men simply prefer the pleasures of anal probes.

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