At the X line with remarkably named pornstars

(Warning: This posting has an image of man-man sex that is right at the X line — that’s one of the topics of the posting, in fact — and some frank description of gay sex, so it might not be to everyone’s taste.)

In my e-mail yesterday, a stirring ad from Lucas Entertainment (Michael Lucas’s porn flick company, not George Lucas’s film company) for its film Lovers in Paradise, with a shot of Wagner Vittoria penetrating Tiziano Fuentes — an image that I’ll show some distance below the fold; it’s technically not X-rated (there’s no penis, testicles, or anus visible in it), though no one could mistake what’s going on there. As in my posting “X or not?” of 5/19/13, I’ll muse some on where the X line gets drawn.

First, though, a description of the scene and some information about three remarkably named pornstars (these two and Vittoria’s pornstar boyfriend Diego Lauzen).

From Lucas Entertainment:

There’s love and there’s lust — it’s a line that Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen blur when it comes to their sex life. That’s why when Wagner caught sight of Tiziano [Fuentes] he knew he had to have him — with the permission of Diego, of course. Diego gave his okay, so Wagner practiced his topping skills on Tiziano after they wandered into the Costa Rican rainforest together.

(Details of oral and anal sex, Fuentes receptive and Vittoria insertive, follow.)

On Lauzen and Vittoria, shown here together (Lauzen, on the left, looking distinctly quiffy), along with the Lucas site’s breathless descriptions of them:


Height: 5’9  Weight: 190 lbs  Dick Size: 7.5″  Position: Versatile
Diego Lauzen and his partner Wagner Vittoria are making fast names for themselves in hardcore gay porn, and it’s no wonder why when seeing them in action! Diego in particular is gorgeous, plain and simple: he’s a muscular beauty with a sex drive that’s nearly insatiable. So long as his partner is by his side, Diego is up for anything in bed, or out in the open, or in nature, or on camera! Diego doesn’t believe in limiting his sex life and how he shows it off!

Height: 5’10   Weight: 195 lbs   Dick Size: 7″   Position: Versatile
It’s rare to see Wagner Vittoria perform on camera without his boyfriend, Diego Lauzen, but that’s just fine because why only have one when you can have two of the most incredible guys in gay porn today! Wagner’s sweet baby face is in contrast [with] his beefy body and beautiful cock, and for this reason he’s a gay porn treasure. Wagner is a versatile guy in the sack, and he’s a total sex animal when he and his boyfriend get worked up!

Both men are from Brazil. They performed in porn at first simply as Diego and Wagner — Diego is a routine Latino name, but Wagner stands out — and then filmmaker Kristen Bjorn gave them their porn last names (both unique in gay porn, so far as I can tell).

On to Tiziano Fuentes, looking available in this cock-tease shot:


His name is another mixed-nationality concoction: Tiziano is a distinctly Italian personal name (derived from a Roman family name), and Fuentes is a common Spanish/Latino family name (from the Latin fuentes ‘springs, wells’). Side fact: Fuentes is rentable in Paris, from; he doesn’t smoke, says he practices only safe sex, and is available for a large range of sex acts.

The Lucas puffery:

Height: 6’1 Weight: 165 lbs Dick Size: 7″ Position: Versatile
Tiziano Fuentes is a handsome guy who is a welcome newcomer to the gay porn scene. It might be deceptive to look at him, but Tiziano is a bottom that is begging for a pounding when he meets a guy worthy of his round and hungry bubble butt. Tiziano Fuentes’ performance in Lucas Entertainment’s 2013 blockbuster film “Original Sinners” is not something to be missed!

Now, finally, to the shot from Lovers in Paradise:


Clearly a fuck scene. On the facial expressions: Fuentes is displaying the open-mouthed grimace of the Ecstatic Hole, Vittoria the focused mien of the Man At Work (using my labels from AZBlogX discussions of facial expressions during gay sex).

What takes you over the X line, in visual art, is the display of a visible ONB (Officially Naughty Bit): vulva, penis, testicles, or anus. None of which you see in #3 (or #2, for that matter), so that I presumably won’t get in trouble for reproducing it here (though I did warn you what was coming). ONBs are barred from various sorts of public display (on postcards, posters, ads, and billboards, for instance — especially, in the U.S., in any place where someone under 18 might see the images) and (in principle) from Facebook, Google+, and WordPress.

Well, the ban applies only to human ONBs; images of animal ONBs might be considered crude, but they aren’t obscene. And there are other exception clauses: masterpieces of art (like Michelangelo’s David), cherubs and the baby Jesus, anatomical diagrams used for scientific or educational purposes, and so on. Then there are contexts in which the bar is higher — contexts, for instance, in which parts of female breasts can be displayed, but not the nipples. It’s all something of a morass; I’m especially puzzled about when the art-masterpiece exception applies, a concern for me since I post a lot about visual art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film).

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