(Largely about men’s genitals and sex between men, in very direct street language, so entirely inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX, a 10/7 posting “Humongous Cocks”, with two images from a porn video ad. I’ll quote that posting at length, but shift the visual focus on this blog to the facial expressions and body types in those images.

Cropped versions of those two images, intended to highlight those two characteristics:

(#1) The smiling muscle-hunk

(#2) The swimmer’s body, a piercing Cruise of Death stare

The full story, from AZBlogX on “Humongous Cocks” (note: analytical and serious, but also full of intensely personal details; these two things are intimately related):

The subject line on a 10/6 mailing for a Falcon/Naked Sword Store sale, with two images, which I supply here for three things: the pornstars’ (contrasting) facial expressions, their (also contrasting) body types, and their (very similar) alarmingly long hard cocks (the point of the mailer of course — those cocks are samples of what’s available, in a set of humongous-cock videos, to stoke viewers’ jack-off pleasure).

Humongous Cock #1. At the top of the mailer, notable for the model’s nice smile (a very big plus for me), his beefy physique (not a turn-on for me, but not so bodybuilder-immense as to be an actual turn-off for me; others’ mileage will of course differ), and that very long cock (which I can easily fantasize taking up my ass, but not down my throat — I could happily play with his dickhead in my mouth, but all that shaft is purely ornamental and would be irrelevant to my cocksucking satisfaction).

Humongous Cock #2. On a model displaying an intense cruise-of death facial expression (which I find entertaining, but not particularly seductive), with a lean swimer’s body (which suits me exactly), and his own very long hard cock (see comment above, though this one is line-straight, while #1’s has a cute bit of upcurve), notably hairy chest (a plus, though #1 is pleasantly lightly furred), and (in contrast to #1) lots of tats (which don’t move me either way, though they’re supposed to serve as symbols of toughness, of high masculinity).

Notes on cocks. Also from AZBlogX, but now focused on the cocks:

I’m on record as a great fan of dick, and even as an unapologetic cocksucker of faceless anonymous dick in t-rooms, but ideally dick comes with a guy attached, and he’s the real point. The raw dick is a stand-in for a whole person, and though it can be immensely satisfying on its own, it’s just the fast-food parallel to a real meal, with friends and conversation in a pleasant setting. By no means negligible, but a make-do. (The advantage of t-room sex is that guys can satisfy their urgent needs rapidly — most men, unconstrained, come within minutes — and without having to cope with the sexual attitudes of their partners, which might be dire.)

(#1 is offering a whole person, #2 a quick trick, so even though I prefer #2’s body type, I’d go for #1 in an instant. And I’d choose #1 to jack off to — though publicity photos don’t actually convey what’s in a video. What makes the porn videos work is the story they tell and how they tell it. Who knows what #1’s story is?)

But those cocks. Long and hard. Easy to take up your ass, and guaranteed to hit your button. (Long-ago annual medical with my (gay) family doctor, when I was 50 or so: “You have the prostate of an 18-year-old. Probably because it gets regularly massaged” — meaning that I got regularly fucked.) But down the throat, not so easy. (The same doctor, noting that my oral cavity is notably shallow: “Is that a problem for you in sex?” (cocksucking being everyday sex for gay men). I explained that I focused on my guy’s dickhead, and Michael (re)assured me that that was an excellent strategy.)

The point here is that length isn’t necessarily a draw in real life, though it serves as a measure of symbolic masculinity in porn. (My position here is that if you’ve got a dick, even if it’s small and soft, even if you’re faggy, you’re masculine, and that’s fine with me. All the rest is ornamentation.) What works symbolically for me is girth (even though in real life, thick dicks can be hard to manage in the mouth or up the ass). Give me a (fantasy) fireplug, any day.

Note on humongous. From my 1/28/20 posting “Humongous tops Adonis”:

Digression on humongous. From OED2 on the portmanteau adj. humongous:

slang (originally U.S.).  Extremely large; huge, enormous. [1st two cites:]

1970 Current Slang (Univ. S. Dakota) 4 19 Humongous, very large (a combination of huge and tremendous).

1976 New Yorker 16 Aug. 26/2 She uses expressions like ‘the whole megillah’ (meaning the whole long story) and ‘humongous’ (meaning huger than huge and more tremendous than tremendous).

The word has pieces of hugeenormous, and tremendous. It’s playful in tone, but with an ominous undercurrent that comes with the fearsomeness of extremely large things…

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