Three comforting presents

In very difficult times — my list of physical afflictions has expanded considerably (you don’t really want to hear the details), leaving me little time in the day to write postings on my blog — friends and family have given me presents to comfort me. Three recently (with an advance notice of a fourth to come in the mail in a surprise package).

From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, what seems to be known in the trade as a bird feeder pole system, very much like this one:


Plus, to hang off the brackets, two different types of seed feeders, and a hummingbird feeder; and in the pan (intended as a bird bath), sunflower seeds and nuts attracting birds that prefer to feed off the ground, in particular my two scrub jays. A very satisfying display.

From Kim Darnell, amidst a huge selection of stuffed animals, some quite eccentric, that had appeared at the local Safeway, a rainbow unicorn (with a golden horn, ears, and hooves). In two views, both posed on a rainbow flag towel in my living room. From the side:


And from the front:


And then from Annie Zaenen, who was moved by my story of months in isolation, a dessert treat, a fruit tartlet (not pictured here).

All very sweet.

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