Breakfast at Zippy’s

Today’s Zippy has the Pinhead shaking up the waitress at The Gourmet (breakfast, lunch, banquets, cocktails):

Zippy starts out by trying to order two things that aren’t ordinarily breakfast dishes at all, but when warned off by the waitress, continues the international-food theme with exotic breakfast choices.

First, the mixed tandoori platter, a North Indian (or Pakistani) specialty, embracing chicken (chicken tikka and/or tandoori chicken), lamb cutlet, shrimp/prawns, seekh kebab (minced meat, usually lamb, with spices, grilled on skewers), possibly fish or beef chunks (all cooked in a tandoori oven). Not a vegetarian dish.

Then eggplant rollatini, an Italian-American dish. From Wikipedia:

Rollatini (sometimes also spelled rolatini or rolletini) is an Italian-style dish (called rollatini di melanzane in faux Italian [or eggplant roll in English) that is usually made with thin slices of eggplant, which are dusted in wheat flour or lightly breaded and covered with ricotta cheese and often other cheeses and seasonings, then rolled up and baked. [The ricotta thus serves as a filling, with mozarella and/or parmesan on top, and often red tomato sauce as well.] Alternatively, veal, chicken, or fish may be used in place of the eggplant.

Rollatini is not an actual Italian word; in Italy the dish is known as involtini (e.g., involtini di melanzane).

A photo:

(This is the only one of the four Zippy dishes I could find good photos for.)

Then on to actual breakfast dishes, considerably more exotic than a mixed tandoori platter or eggplant rollatini. First, from Ethiopia. From Wikipedia:

Another popular breakfast food [in Ethopia] is dulet (Ge’ez: ዱለት dūlet), a spicy mixture of tripe, liver, beef, and peppers with injera [the all-purpose Ethopian bread].

And then from Peru. From a food survey site, on the food of Peru:

A light desayuno (breakfast) may include triangular-shaped rolls, roasted wheat kernels, mote (boiled dried corn), bread, and te (tea) or cafe (coffee).

(Tamales are a common breakfast dish in Peru. But not as unusual as the assortment described above.)

The last straw. The waitress, terminally annoyed, calls for help.

(As I’ve remarked in the past, the settings of the Zippy cartoons, except the ones set in Dingburg, are all drawn from real life. I’m not sure about this, but I suspect that the Gourmet diner in the strip is at 645 Northern Blvd. in Clarks Summit, near Scranton, PA.)


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