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The Nest of Delicious.

Here’s Nick’s:


From the Springfield (MA) Republican in 2013, “Nick’s Nest savors Holyoke history”:

If you think there’s something in the meat mixture that makes the hot dogs at Nick’s Nest so tasty, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Though the hot dogs are made with a special Nick’s Nest recipe that has been used for years, the secret to the unique taste really is in the light brown sauce the steamed dogs are rolled in before they hit the buns.

And of course Jennifer E. Chateauneuf, who owns the 1597 Northampton St. eatery with her husband, Kevin J. Chateauneuf, can’t reveal what’s in that sauce.

… Nick Malfas founded Nick’s Nest in 1921. The business began as a roadside popcorn cart, and in 1922 he introduced hot dogs to the fare. In 1927 he opened a stand on Route 5. Nick’s Nest stayed in the Malfas family for three generations; the business moved to its current location in 1948.

The menu has been expanded a bit, from the original hot dogs, popcorn, and baked beans with chips: potato salad, macaroni salad, soups, french fries, and onion rings. And ketchup is now available, against Nick’s rigid practice, which allowed only mustard, chopped onion, and relish.

The famous dogs:


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