Two teases

(Not about language, but about hunky guys doing cock teases. Yes, it’s shallow.)

Two images passed on to me by Mike McKinley (with Chris Ambidge):



Both guys are sporting moose-knuckles, and intentional display of a moose-knuckle is in itself a kind of cock tease. But the guy in #2 (who’s also lowering one side of his dance pants to expose his body down to the root of his penis) is more clearly toying with the viewer. On the other hand, his dance pants are thicker than #1’s briefs, and #1’s briefs are white and wet, so his moose-knuckle is really honkingly prominent (while #2’s is subtler).

#1 is a male model working for the Andrew Christian (famously homoerotic) premium underwear firm (it appeared on the AC Facebook page). The photo comes from the website for AllAmericanGuy, a membership site offering male fitness models in still shots and videos; I think the model is Luke Bryans (but I’m not entirely sure). In any case, he’s definitely ripped, with especially substantial arm muscles.

#1 is doing a carwash-in-underwear routine, a form of soft porn that AC is certainly fond of. A bunch of hunky guys (all in the same model of cute blue AC briefs and nothing else) working it and horsing around at the Andrew Christian Car Wash can be viewed in the video here; there’s also a video of cops stripping off their uniforms to wash their patrol car, and bump and grind, in a variety of AC briefs).

While we’re at the carwash, you might want to check out a Philly GayCalendar video, Boys of Summer Fiat Car Wash 2013, featuring Philadelphia gay boys, in quite a range of underwear styles, washing a car and one another.

On to #2. This came to me from the Facebook site Male Ballet Dancers, where it was posted by a Jordan Wolf, but without any information about the source of the photo, the model, or the photographer. Several people have commented that the guy doesn’t have a dancer’s body, though it’s certainly well-developed and he’s doing an entertaining cock-tease offer of it.

I put the second photo through a Google image seach and got ten or so hits, all thoroughly uninformative, though several of the sites took the model to be a body-builder (one of them offered to sell you the leggings he’s wearing). So for the moment he remains a sultry unknown.

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