Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt

The second of two entertaining Easter egg postings on material that came in my mail today. Ee2020.1 (“Mussorgsky chicken with crocuses”) was sweet and playful; this one is raunchy and homoerotic (NOTE: warning for kids and the sexually modest). There’s a lot you can do with eggs.

The centerpiece is this remarkably homo-heavy ad for a Daily Jocks sale (involving extra price savings if you find an Easter egg in the catalogue for the sale); I’ve cropped details about the sale (but nothing crucial about the model):

(#1) Cruise face, body stretched out in display for the viewer, cock tease using an item of underwear or sportswear (its actual identity isn’t important in the context)

The placement of his hand and the word EGG lead, inescapably I think, to the use of eggs in English to refer to testicles. See my 7/24/19 posting “Conventional and creative metaphors”, with its discussion of the English creative metaphor eggs ‘testicles’, compared to the Spanish conventional metaphor huevos and the German Eier; the English conventional metaphors are nuts and balls.

From the rear. In #1 we get the front view. In the DJ catalogue, we get this flagrant rear view, which is billed as an ad for sportswear:

(#2) The butt offer: it’s all yours, buddy!

Apparently, HomoEaster ths year is taking place on stairs:

On the stairs, on the stairs,
Where nobody cares what he wears

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