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Today’s Zippy, another exercise in cartoonization, a transformation of an image (in this case, Magritte’s Le therapeute) by stages into a Zippy scene:


The Magritte original:


The story so far: On 3/5/15 I posted a Zippy transformation of a Magritte (The Son of Man) and the next day on another cartoonization, saying:

Zippy has been featuring cartoonizations: transformations in three panels into a cartoon character. Yesterday Magritte’s man with apple ended up as Zippy with bowling ball. Today, a man painting a bird in flight ends up as Zippy painting Tweety Bird (a bird in the hand, as the title has it)

It turns out that that was not just a man, inspired by contemplating an egg, painting a bird in flight, but another Magritte, La clairvoyance:


Bill Griffith has been on a Magritte run of cartoonization. In addition to the three mentioned above:

The Zippy of 3/3, and its Magritte original, The Lovers !!:



The Zippy of 3/4, and its original, The Lovers:



The Zippy of 3/7, and its original, L’acte de foi (literally, ‘Act of Faith’, better ‘Leap of Faith’):



And the Zippy of 3/9, and its original, Attempting the Impossible:



That leaves one Zippy unaccounted for, the first in the series, from 3/2:


Suggestions as to the source?

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  1. Ellen Says:

    That first panel is pretty clearly Julia Child, but a quick search didn’t show me a matching image.

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