Dance time

(Mostly about the display of men’s bodies.)

Passed on by Mike McKinley, this ad for the company So Danca, specializing in “quality dancewear and dance shoes” and featuring Houston Ballet soloist Aaron Robison:


A hymn to the dancer’s muscularity and intense masculinity, accentuated by that dance belt.

Here’s Robison in action, showing off his athleticism:


The company supplying the dancewear is actually Só Dança, an originally Brazilian company (founded in Sao Paulo), now selling all over the world.

On dance belts, see this 3/22/13 posting of mine. Dance belts provide support and protection for the male dancer, and can also show off the dancer’s package in the fashion of codpieces (on which, see the relevant section in this 4/7/11 posting).

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