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Ah, this is a nice one. The place in question started as a Little Tavern in Baltimore, and has been through several changes.

Repurpose is an excellent and very useful verb. From NOAD2:

verb [with obj.]  adapt for use in a different purpose: they’ve taken a product that was originally designed for a CD-ROM and repurposed it for the Microsoft Network.

(It looks like the verb spread primarily from technological contexts.)

Now, the Little Taverns. From Wikipedia:

Little Tavern Shops was a chain of hamburger restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

The first Little Tavern opened March 24, 1927, in Louisville, Kentucky, by Harry F. Duncan. The first Washington location was opened in October 1928 and the first in Baltimore opened its doors in June 1930. By 1937, there were 33 shops open. At the height of the chain, there were almost 50 locations. Duncan sold the chain in 1981. The last restaurant closed on April 29, 2008.

The slogan of the chain was “Buy ’em by the bag”, and its signs promised “Cold drinks * Good Coffee”. The stores were quite small and could accommodate only a few seated customers, while most business was take-out.

From 1928 to 1931, Little Taverns had block construction and their castle design closely resembled White Castles and White Towers of the same era. Baltimore No. 3, was the first Little Tavern to employ the “Tudor cottage” design that would become so closely associated with the chain for years to come.

From the site on Little Taverns:

former Little Tavern, 25th St. (Baltimore, MD): The 25th St. location is now Pizza Deal and looks a little shabby. The first two photos are from 2003. The third photo from 2010 shows the building has been painted white.

This is a description of the place in the second panel of #1:


I don’t have a photo of the Subway repurposing (third panel of #1).

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