Briefly 9/21/17: prawn corndogs

Noted on the specials board at the Old Pro, a big sports bar up the street from my house, this morning:


One of several odd crosses between upscale and homey or street food (see FILET MIGNON SLIDERS) available there. As it turns out, the other neighborhood sports bar offers prawn corndogs too.

Yes, shrimp tempura fried in cornmeal batter, on a stick.

On tempura, from Wikipedia:

Tempura is a classical Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan, consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

… A light batter is made of cold water (sometimes sparkling water is used to keep the batter light) and soft wheat flour (cake, pastry or all-purpose flour). Eggs, baking soda or baking powder, starch, oil, and/or spices may also be added.

And the skeleton of a shrimp corndog recipe from the CBC site In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita;

Thread [jumbo shrimp, peeled, deveined, and tail removed] onto skewers tail end first. Dredge shrimp in flour, shaking off excess. Dip into cornmeal batter and drop carefully into hot oil … Frying in batches, cook until golden brown, turning halfway through, about 3 to 4 minutes.

…Serve with Classic Cocktail Sauce, Salsa Verde and carrot and celery sticks.

Like I said, shrimp tempura fried in cornmeal batter, on a stick.

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