Rafe on display

(Some plain talk about man-man sex in here, but no X-rated images. Use your judgment.)

Yesterday’s ad from Daily Jocks (with my caption):


Rafe — solicited by Nasty
Pig at the Bay of
Pigs dance party at an
Up Your Alley — loved
Living in a jockstrap, loved
Even more the company
Pig Parties, where he was a
Pig Champ. But nothing had
Prepared him for

He’s remarkably well preserved, I’d say.

Ok, snarky commentary elicited by the headless models in underwear ads. I know this presentation is supposed to focus your attention on the model’s crotch — for the underwear the firms are selling, and for your fantasies about what’s inside that underwear — but I find it creepy that we don’t get to see his face, don’t get to see the persona he’s projecting. He might as well be stuffed. (Yes, his underwear is stuffed, and maybe he enjoys getting stuffed, but there’s nothing in the ads to suggest that.)

[Digression. Oh, all right. Something about the slang expression get stuffed, which I don’t seem to have posted about before. In all of its senses, it’s originally and still primarily British (and Aussie), although in some uses it’s spread to North America (perhaps through the medium of Monty Python). It starts as a metaphorical substitute for sexual get fucked, in which use it’s just a passive of the fuck-equivalent verb stuff:

Brit. vulgar slang (of a man)   have sexual intercourse with (someone). (NOAD2)

(I recall being asked by a man in an English gay bathhouse: “Do you fancy getting stuffed?”) This usage continues while others develop.

Stuffed followed fucked to the dismissive (but still vulgar) get stuffed! ‘get fucked!, get lost!, go away!’

Finally, in BrE, the vulgarity of the dismissive use seems to have washed away with time, so that get stuffed! can be used as merely informal slang, conveying ‘go away!’. As here:


(You can find a great variety of American sandwich shops, pizza parlors, burger places, etc. called Get Stuffed, playing on the distinctly AmE adjective stuffed ‘satiated with eating’. Maximal misfit between BrE and AmE here.)]

Now the Nasty Pig company. Back in 2010, I posted this:

Through Undergear, I’ve discovered the Nasty Pig line of gear and clothes, aimed at the rough and bearish man. Including playsheets …

Things have apparently softened some for Nasty Pig. The ad copy that goes along with the image above has taken the rough edges down to a NYC style, whatever that is:

Starting out as a jockstrap brand, New York-based Nasty Pig has developed into a contemporary men’s fashion brand taking the world by storm. Showcasing a unique Big Apple style, Nasty Pig offers underwear that combines brash with subtle tones. This is a statement-making pair of underwear for the fashionable, everyday man. Enjoy a pair of Nasty Pig’s comfortable, modern underwear today.

The Nasty Pig name remains, but the piggishness seems to have vanished.

Now on piggishness. From my 9/30/13 posting about the Dore Alley Fair in S.F., whose official name is Up Your Alley (anal double entendre very much intended):

the Saturday night dance party is called Bay of Pigs — a play on the geographical name, involving pig as a sexual term, in the snowclonelet X pig, denoting someone who’s seriously into X (sex pig, involving sex in general or specifically “dirty sex” of various kinds; dick pig; piss pig) and in the compounds pig play and pig sex, referring to “dirty” sex.

And then a 9/23/15 posting with a mention of

titpig in a gay sexual context, using the snowclonelet X pig… Specifically, a gay man who’s seriously into titplay, either as receiver or giver (very often both), so a gay man especially aroused by getting or giving nipple stimulation or (in a BDSM context) pain. Titpigs are stereotypically big hairy men, bears, leathermen, and sexual fetishists.

And a fuck pig / fuckpig is someone (of either sex) who’s seriously into getting fucked / stuffed.

We don’t know what kind(s) of piggy sex Rafe was into before he was mounted (as a display). But the fact that he earned the title of Pig Champ suggests that he was all all-round player, and probably took pleasure in being mounted (sexually).

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  1. Mike Says:

    I was very impressed by the super sexy commercials that they make. I only see them when I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo. They ARE very hot. Thanks for posting!

  2. Dan Says:

    I promise, the pig is still strong in Nasty Pig; I have a nod and brief chat acquaintance with a couple of the owner/designers, and they’ve not softened at all over the years (except in the ways we all soften, damn you gravity).

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