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Today’s Zits:

People choose pieces of clothing with bits of other languages printed on them — because of the “exotic” look of the script or because the language the script is used for is in some way fashionable. Such t-shirts and the like are rich sources of (unintentional) crosslinguistic humor.

Similarly for tattoos, except that tattoos are not so easily taken off, and the graphics sometimes come recommended by the tattoo artists or well-meaning friends. But once again the design might not be at all what you intended, or at least hoped for.


3 Responses to “Public slogans”

  1. the ridger Says:

    I have to say that it doesn’t look the least bit like Cyrillic.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      How can you tell? The image is very small and unclear and just gets fuzzier when you enlarge it. (I suspect that’s intentional on the part of the cartoonists.)

  2. the ridger Says:

    MG&G runs in my paper. It was pretty clearly some kind of ideogram in the print version, not letters (Cyrillic or otherwise).

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