The attributes of god, repeated three times

Zippy likes to repeat expressions he savors three times, as here:

This time around, each expression is a single word alluding to a characteristic of god: god is all-knowing, god is all-powerful, the name of god has four letters, and there is only one god (the godhead appears in the last panel)


2 Responses to “The attributes of god, repeated three times”

  1. Chris Hansen Says:

    What zippy is saying is quite close to part of the York Rite Masonic ritual…kind of freaky. I wonder if the author is a mason…

  2. Fippy the Finhead « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] likes to savor (my most recent postings on Zippy’s word attractions are here, here, and here) are those beginning with the letter F, words that he finds especially […]

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