Double double entendre

From John Wells this morning, this advertisement (“currently to be seen on suburban commuter trains in the London area”) for a pharmacy that supplies medication for erectile dysfunction:

To appreciate the ad, you need to know some BrE slang, which John has been kind enough to explicate:

As you see, the copy cleverly incorporates two ambiguities (double entendres). One is ‘tackle’, which as well as the sports term for “attack” is also BrE slang for male genitalia [seen recently on this blog from an Australian source, here]; the epithet ‘harder’ is applicable to both. The other is ‘keepy-uppy’ (also keepie-uppie), “the activity of making a football go up and down in the air many times without touching the ground, using short light kicks to control the ball’s movements” (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English), but obviously also interpretable as the maintenance of penile erection.


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